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Working For Mas

Working For Mas

For us, the Mas Group, the first key to success is "human being". There is no doubt that our employees play a huge role in the success we have reached.

We believe that human resources -we have- must consist of qualified individuals who can carry out the vision and the strategy, and that their motivation needs to be ensured, developed, in another word, they should be managed effectively.

Therefore, as Human Resources, we have set our vision as to build the best Human Resources structure of its class which operates in the business areas of our group, and to implement the applications.

Therefore, under the roof of Human Resources; Pricing and Vested Benefits, Training, HR Strategies and Organizational Development, Labor and Social Security Law, Employee personal activities are carried out in an integrated manner. We are working altogether to produce the strategies of Human Resources which can meet the requirements of the age and can produce value, and to realize the applications for these intended strategies, to spread them to public and make them adopted by them, to continue amelioration depending on the changing needs.

Our Company Mas-Daf Makina Sanayi A.Ş located currently in İstanbul, Tuzla, Aydınlı Mah. Birlik Osb 1. Cad. No:17 was founded in 1977

Mas-Daf Makina Sanayi A.Ş. which operates its activities from its head office along with its branches located in Turkey has no any other subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, associations, liaison offices or partnerships in any other country but Turkey.