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 Europump is an association of European pump manufacturing associations representing some 450 companies with a turnover of €10 billion, employing around ya da approximately. Ecopump is Europump’s flagship project, embodying Europump’s energy commitment. In the year 2004 Europump Council endorsed the Ecopump initiative designed to be the very corner-stone of the European pump sectors energy and environmental policy. Ecopump is built around three key pillars ‘Product’, Extended Product’ and ‘Systems’. The concept being that we ensure that The liquid end of our products should meet minimum efficiency levels. That product savings are optimized through the extended product approach through the control of our products and Investigating the installed base to ensure that efficient products are installed into efficient systems. Since the inception of Ecopump, Europump has built an enviable reputation for its professional integrity across many institutions including the European Commission, National Governments, NGOs, User Groups and many other stakeholders. It instigated the extended product approach increasing product saving opportunities tenfold over and above those achievable from product legislation alone.


It was founded in 1970s for the first time as a result of the fact that pump industrialists mentioned the need to join forces in solving the sectoral problems and they brought the subject in exhibitions and conferences. However, maturation needed for a sectoral organization and inevitability of this association didn’t realize until 1990s when the importance of export and international expansion were much better understood, and abroad-oriented production activities were burst into prominence. Efforts of pump manufacturers in this direction have created a tremendous impression "2. Pump Congress" held in Istanbul on April 3-5, 1996; and with the collective will of various organizations coming together, concrete steps to join forces under the roof of an association are taken. In this Congress where the establishment decision was taken, the main objectives were determined as to bring the sector labor together under a structure which is capable of representing the Pump Industry in Turkey, to prepare media for exchanging of information and ideas, to organize activities to improve training and quality, to create opportunities for joint projects, to express common problems on several platforms and to make efforts for their solutions, to have the necessary initiatives for promoting the sector, increasing competitiveness and having a voice in international organizations.

Our Company Mas-Daf Makina Sanayi A.Ş located currently in İstanbul, Tuzla, Aydınlı Mah. Birlik Osb 1. Cad. No:17 was founded in 1977

Mas-Daf Makina Sanayi A.Ş. which operates its activities from its head office along with its branches located in Turkey has no any other subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, associations, liaison offices or partnerships in any other country but Turkey.