Engineering Excellence in Pumping Solutions

Kullanım Alanlarına Göre Ürün Grupları

Water Transfer

Our customers are offered single-stage, multi-stage and double-suction pumps and the pumps which can be used in water supply and pumping stations, in industrial and social facilities, and water treatment plants.

Building Technologies

There are circulation pumps used in central heating systems, in hot and cold water circulation and in ventilation systems. The circulation pumps may operate in accordance with the heating and ventilation systems with electronic control units. In addition, need for clean water of domicile and offices is provided with pressure tanks, expansion tanks, and frequency converter units, single and multi-stage pumps.

Industrial Processes

Single stage pumps, which are used to transfer industrial fluids in systems such as pressurization systems, hot and cold water transfer, hot oil, chemical processes and reverse osmosis systems, and phased high pressure centrifugal pumps are available. These pumps can be produced in accordance with ATEX and API standards.


We have norm centrifugal pumps, line-type pumps, vertical shafted phased and double-suction pumps, automatic suction systems, and products with screen transition system which are made of stainless and bronze material for marine applications in the maritime sector.

Agriculture and Irrigation

Diesel engine and trailer applied pumps are used to provide water for garden and farm irrigation, especially in places where electricity cannot reach.

Fire Fighting

For fire extinguishing systems, there are centrifugal pumps which are line type, end-to-end suction and with a separable body, double-suction. They can be manufactured according to standards of NFPA 20, UL / FM and EN 12845.  

Waste Water

There are self-priming pumps, vertical shaft sewage pumps, and submersible pumps which are used in the transfer of sewage, underground water and septic tanks.

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