Engineering Excellence in Pumping Solutions


  • We're Cleaning Kurbağalıdere.


    Kurbağalıdere, which has been disturbing Kadikoy residents because of its bad smell recently, began to be cleaned with a special self-priming waste water pumps with a trailer and a cabin improved by Mas Pump for İski. 

  • October

  • Happy World Environment Day.


    As individuals, organizations and communities, the point we need to reach should be a sustainable life and a sustainable. What must we do today? How can we improve our environmental consciousness? How can we make people more aware of this? We must be in search and go in the right direction and we must invite everyone to this direction. Only in this way, our villages, our towns, our country and our world may remain in the way we love, and they can remain as a legacy for both us and the next generations.

    We, MAS, have accepted this idea as our vision.

  • September

  • We are at the Aluexpo 2015 fair


    We are at the Aluexpo 2015 fair which will be held between the dates of 8 -10 October 2015 in Istanbul Expo Center. You can visit us at our B160 numbered stand in the tenth hall and get detailed information from our experienced sales engineers.

  • August

  • We Had a Contact Meeting at Habaş Pump


    A contact meeting was held in the Aliaga plants of Habaş, which is one of Turkey's largest steel producers, with the participation of the technical staff. The meeting with a high level of participation was held in two parts. In the first part, Business Development Manager Ahmet Yilmaz gave detailed information about "General usage pump systems and maximum energy efficiency in pumps". In the second part just after the coffee break, Technical Services Manager Hüseyin Takmaz made a presentation on "specifics in pump installation and problems encountered in maintenance in the field". The meeting with intense interest was completed with a question and answer session.

  • December

  • We attended the TÜYAK SYMPOSİUM


    Turkey Fire Protection and Education Foundation and the fourth this year in the host Fire Protection Association held between 12-13 November 2015 TÜYAK 2015 - Fire and Safety Symposium and Exhibition on "An overview of the basic features and standard criteria for the fire pump" We did a presentation.

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