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Logotype Ratios

Basic Principles

Rates of Mas Daf logotype and the rule of placing the script within the rectangular are exemplified below. Logotype cannot be used apart from this ratio and settlement rules.


Mas Daf logotype is applied on a red ground in color print and applied on black ground in black / white print; the rules and standards of the frame thickness of rectangular area is exemplified and the frame of the rectangular area cannot be used apart from this thickness.

Logotype Colors

The values of the logotype according to the various color systems ​​are mentioned below. Between Pantone and Trigromy prints, there is a color difference as is seen in the color bands below. This is not a mistake but it is a natural consequence arising from the difference of the two-color system.

Logotype In Color And Black / White Use

Logotype Subtitle Application

The rates and applications of the scripts at the bottom of the logotype are described below.

Logotype Security Area and Minimum Operating Size

The measure of security space which should be left around the logotype is mentioned below. For reference, the height of the red ground is taken; and for the safe area, 1/1 of this height is determined. In the communication activities, other elements (lines, text, etc.)  must not intervene in this area. The minimum use size of the logotype is 15 mm.

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Our Company Mas-Daf Makina Sanayi A.Ş located currently in İstanbul, Tuzla, Aydınlı Mah. Birlik Osb 1. Cad. No:17 was founded in 1977

Mas-Daf Makina Sanayi A.Ş. which operates its activities from its head office along with its branches located in Turkey has no any other subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, associations, liaison offices or partnerships in any other country but Turkey.