“Digital System Solutions” in Pump Technologies with GenIO
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“Digital System Solutions”  in Pump Technologies with GenIO
“Digital System Solutions” in Pump Technologies with GenIO


Leading brand of pump industry Masdaf guarantees the efficient and seamless operation of its products for years with high pump technologies as well as digital system solutions it has developed.

Providing the “Internet of Things” (IoT) technology in pump systems with GenIO On-Motor Frequency Inverters, Masdaf ensures high energy efficiency in buildings.

 Leading the industry with its high pump technologies developed with its experience and engineering power for nearly half a century in Turkish pump industry, Masdaf guarantees the efficient and seamless operation of its products for years with digital system solutions it presents. GenIO On-Motor Frequency Inverters compensates the frequency changes in the system in variable flow consumption conditions and makes sure that pumps are working more efficiently and the continuity of the pressure. Therefore GenIO On-Motor Frequency Inverters create the structure that will realize the system efficiency in accordance with the Eco-Design Directive (ERP) in the working principle of the pump and motor.

Introducing the “Internet of Things” (IoT) technology in the pump systems that can be used in single pumps to 6-pump systems, GenIO On-Motor Frequency Inverters, provide instant access facilities to external units (such as building automation system or PLC) with Mod-Bus communication protocol and provides control advantage. With remote access feature, actions such as turning on-off the pump can easily be made. Also, both system efficiency and energy savings are achieved with smart pump technologies that work efficiently in line with the needs of the system.

GenIO On-Motor Frequency Inverters which display the total operating period of each pump, also offer real-time synchronous aging in multi-pump systems. By ensuring that the defective pump be deactivated in case of any defect, it activates the back-up pump automatically and makes sure that the system operates without any interruption. Ensuring through its user-friendly interface and the LCD screen that the instantaneous pressure value, frequency and current value, motor speed, output voltage, output power, analogue values from sensors and set pressure value of pump systems are read, GenIO On-Motor Frequency Inverters shares the error code with the alarm system on the screen in case of error real-time.

Using the GenIO On-Motor Frequency Inverters, the upper and lower pressures on the system can be set and the max. and min. operating frequencies can be adjusted. With the time adjustable operating mode option, it is ensured that pump technologies operate at a predetermined pressure at a predetermined time and date. Its speed adjustment feature contributes to the protection of the life of the pump, motor, mechanical rotating equipment and bearing.

Multi-pump systems developed with the compactly designed GenIO On-Motor Frequency Inverters allow the pump to take up less space and the system efficiency provided by controllable smart pump technologies reduces energy costs.

GenIO On-Motor Frequency Inverters, generally adapted for integrated operation with GenIO INM Centrifugal Pumps and GenIO MultiHexa Boosters, can also be integrated with other pump series such as NM Norm Pumps, NMM End Suction Monoblock Centrifugal Pumps etc.