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“Masdaf”, the Preferred Choice of Agakim Kimya

in Pumping Systems in Renewal of its Production Facilities.

Agakim Kimya, which has been operating in the adhesive manufacturing sector since 1987, renewed its production facilities in Adana in 2018.

Masdaf products were preferred in the process pumps of Agakim Kimya’s new investment project, which exports 70% of its production carried out with automated emulsion polymerization technology to the various parts of Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Russia by sea and land.

In the project, Masdaf Branded

  • Complete stainless steel frequency controlled booster sets,
  • Stainless, frequency inverter, vertical shaft pumps,
  • Horizontal shaft, complete stainless solvent pumps were used.

The NME series heavy-duty pumps used in the project and complying with ISO EN 2858 were made of stainless steel (AISI 316). The pumps were equipped with double mechanical seal, leak-free spacer coupling and high energy saving IE3 efficiency class electric motors. The maintenance of the pumps is extremely easy and the single cable they have provides great convenience in installation and commissioning.

Innovative pump systems, commissioned by Masdaf will provide energy efficient use during the lifetime of a building.