Consulting and System Optimization
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Consulting and System Optimization

Masdaf started out in 1977 with the principle of efficient use of water and energy and thus protection of living resources.

Energy Consumption Control

The initial investment and repair costs for a pump's 10-year life account for 10 to 15% of the total cost, while the remaining costs come from energy consumption. Masdaf offers “energy consumption control” service in order to keep and control the expenses arising from the pump systems in the enterprises at minimum levels. In this context, it first checks the suitability of the selected pump system. With the right pump selection, it saves energy consumption and shortens the payback period of the investment made for the pump system.

System Consulting

With over 40 years of experience in the field of pump systems, Masdaf provides consultancy services on çözüm system solutions that aim to minimize energy consumption erek by examining all processes from the selection of the pump system to the system on which the pump will operate.


Pump Replacement

It replaces the pumps that are no longer in service life, inefficient and increases energy consumption and operating costs with energy efficient pump systems that will adapt to the existing system and enables the pump to shorten the payback period of the investment made in a short time.


In particular, in accordance with the needs of the fire pumps and the project, the commissioning of the pumps produced with different characteristics is performed by Masdaf's experienced technical personnel.

Laser Coupling Adjustment

Coupling adjustments of special pumps manufactured in accordance with critical or heavy duty conditions are made with Kap Laser Coupling Adjuster bulunan in Masdaf production facilities. These pumps are pre-set at the factory and the final checks are carried out at the operating point after installation and guarantee a trouble-free start-up.

Third Party Inspection

For Masdaf pump systems; TÜV, Lloyd, DNV, Bureau Veritas etc. In addition to the party audit companies, Atex, GOST, UL and FM approvals. Third party approvals of pump systems are also provided in accordance with customer demand and for a fee.

Detailed Pump Test

Masdaf, Duzce and Tuzla facilities pumps; performs balance, performance, ENPY and suction tests. Each pump produced at Masdaf facilities is shipped after having undergone hydrostatic and performance tests.