Diesel Fire Pump Cotroller
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Diesel Fire Pump Cotroller
Diesel Fire Pump Cotroller

• 16 bit microcontroller designed.
• 4X20 character blue screen LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).
• Suitable for single or dual battery system battery.
• To see the battery voltage and current measurement and display.
• Temperature measurement and temperature value on the screen to see the temperature sensor.
• Pressure sensor (transmitter) to use.
• Pressure sensors measure the pressure value on the screen to see in use.
• Show the oil pressure measurement and display with oil sensor.
• Show fuel metering and fuel float on the screen.
• By pressing the starter motor protection in cases where the starter fuel.
• Diesel speed measurement and display screen.
• Date (day-month-year) to see the screen.
• 2 days a week to make automated testing (real time clock?).
• Introduction of automated testing and cut-out to adjust the time.

• Automatic test discharge solenoid output.
• Heat exchanger (cooling) output.
• To adjust the length of stay has been vvorking end of the heat exchanger.
• Normally open or normally closed pressure switch choice.
• Turkish and English menü..
• Starter time to adjust.
• Ability to limit the number of starters.
• Working late at the end of your health and time setting.
• Crank Cut setting (oil pressure or Alternator).
• Diesel çare be able to set time (max. 250 hours).
• Diesel maintenance time vvarnings as soon as the full screen.
• Private user passvvord after diesel maintenance done? By resetting.
• Automatic - manual operation selection.
• Manual start.
• Manuel Stop.
• Test Button start.
• Report the charge of failure.
• Diesel work time to see the menü.
• Diesel running, oil missing, High temperature, informing the self-test Circuit with relay contacts state.
• Easy connection with the machine outlet.
• The device consists of 50 events in recent history information is stored with date and time.