The INM GENiO series pumps are single-stage centrifugal
pumps of non-self-priming type fitted with standard motors,
frequency inverter and mechanical shaft seals.
• Outstanding features of the design are easy assembly of the
frequency invertor directly into the motor; besides the compact
structure of the unit it’s usage in smart applications and being
integrable into the system; connectivity of different type of
sensors, quiet and safe working style.
• The nominal flow rates of the pumps comply with the DIN 24
255 standards.
• Pump flanges sizes according to DIN 2533, PN 16. The dimensions of the suction and discharge ports are identical. Both
pump flanges have pressure gage tapings.
• Single entry, closed impeller is hydraulically thrust
compensated and dynamically balanced.
• A drain plug is fitted in the bottom of pump housing.
• The motor shaft is passed into the pump shaft for coupling
and no need to use any coupling for the system.

Suction Flange DN 40 – DN 200
Discharge Flange DN 40 – DN 200
Head Range 2 – 105 m
Flow Range 2 – 520 m³/h
Flange Connection PN 16
Operating Pressure (max) 10 bar
Casing Test Pressure 13 bar
Speed Range 1000 – 3600 rpm
Fluid Temperature (min.) -25°C
Fluid Temperature (max.) +120°C
Ambient Temperature 0°C - 60°C
Power Up to 18,5 kW



    • Water supply
    • Boosting
    • Circulating of hot and cold water
    • In central heating and air-conditioning installations
    • Circulating of swimming pool water
    • Industrial and social facilities
    • Pumping of clean or sea water in ships