GenIO MultiHexa
GenIO MultiHexa
GenIO MultiHexa


The pumps used in HDSV GENiO type water pressure boosters
are multistage stainless steel centrifugal pumps with vertical
shaft and frequency inverter on-motor.
• HDSV GENiO type water pressure boosters can be
manufactured in the form of one, two, three or four pumps
according to flow rate need.
• Water pressure boosters can be operated automatically or
manually. Water pressure boosters should be automatically
operated as long as there is no compulsory case.
• The set is supplied with float switch that regulates dry run
• During first operation of water pressure booster system, the
suction collector should be filled with water and the air of the
system should be released.

• The water should be come to suction collector in shortest way
and flatly, suction diameter coming from tank should not be
smaller than suction collector diameter.
• For regular operation, pressure tank should be used in
appropriate size in order to decrease start number of the pump.
• Pumps run automatically by pressure control depending on
required water volume and stop running when the required
water volume decreases.

Flow Range 1 – 80 (320) m3/h
Head Range 0 – 170 m
Operating Pressure 24 Bar (Max)
Speed 2900 rpm
Temperature Range  -150 C / +700 C (+1200 C)
Power Up to 18,5 kW

Stainless Steel Vertical Booster
Sets- Frequency Controlled


• Apartments and residences
• Schools, business centers and small industrial installations
• Hotels and social installations.