GenIO Smart Pump Drivers
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GenIO Smart Pump Drivers
GenIO Smart Pump Drivers

Intelligent Onboard Frequency Inverter

External control panel with direct mounting on motor
By eliminating the need to reduce the need for wiring more
A compact and portable design has been achieved.
• Power range from 0.75 to 18.5 kW
• 380 V three phase input voltage
• 50-60 Hz input frequency
• 0-600 Hz output frequency
• IP 65 has high protection class.
• Instantaneous pressure, frequency, current through graphic LCD display
value, engine speed, output voltage, output power, from sensors
Analog values ​​and set pressure values ​​can be read.
• Easy to program.
• 2 digital inputs and relay outputs are available.

• There are 2 pressure transmitter (Analog input) inputs.
If one of the transmitters fails, it can be activated by the other.
Transmitters with frequency inverter:
- 0-10 V output with 4-13 V operating voltage
- 4-20 mA output with 10-30 V operating voltage
- 4-20 mA output with 10 V operating voltage
• Can supply 24 V power for external devices.
• System set pressure to be kept constant can be easily adjusted.
• The frequency inverters are connected via RS 485 cable.
6 pumps together with multiple pump system option by communicating
It can operate.
• Mod-bus communication protocol via RS 485 cable
communication with units (such as building automation system or PLC)
It can be established.
• The direction of rotation of the motor can be changed via the program.
• Pumps with sensor selected by emergency mode selection
• One frequency inverter and two pumps using relay output
• Display on which adjustable program parameters
• Acceleration and deceleration times of the pumps can be adjusted.
• Error type alarm with error code on the screen in case of error
It serves.
• Antifreeze protection.
• Frequency inverters max. and min. Working frequencies
• Frequency inverter cooling fan automatic or continuous operation
• System protection against unauthorized persons with password protection
It is available.
• In multi-pump systems, faulty pump is deactivated and spare
the pump is automatically commissioned and the system operates continuously
It is provided.
• Protected against high pressure and low pressure.


  • Instant pressure value, frequency, current value, rotation of
    motor, output voltage, output power, analogue values from
    sensors and set pressure value can be read through the LCD
    graphic display.
    • Rotation system, distributing management period equally to
    pumps (line control) in multi-pumps systems.
    • It can communicate with external units (building automation
    system or PLC etc.) by RS 485 cable with MOD-BUS
    communication protocol.
    • It alarms by showing error code on the display in case of
    • It has the protection against high and low pressure.
    • Maximum and minimum operating frequencies of the
    invertor can be set.
    • Cooling fan of the frequency invertor can operate on mode of
    automatic or continuous working.
    • Operating continuity of the system is provided by
    deactivating faulty pump and putting into use stand-by pump
    automatically in multi-pumps systems.
    • The system stops the pumps automatically by passing
    stand-by mode in case of unnecessary conditions.
    • The pumps can operate at specified frequency value without
    the sensor through emergency mode selection.
    • Motor rotation direction can be changed on the program.
    • It has five different types of protection against operation
    without water in case of water lack:
    - According to current of the motor
    - According to outlet pressure of the system
    - According to inlet pressure of the system
    - By making a connection of floater
    - By making a connection of fluid level electrode on the suction
    • It has the protection against over-current, over-voltage and
    phase failure.
    • Record of last two failures can be displayed.
    • Total operating time of each pump can be displayed.
    • Date and time setting feature is available (Real Time
    Clock – RTC).
    • It can operate according to the preset time and date or preset
    set pressure by the time-adjusted operation mode option.
    • English and Turkish language options are available.
    • Set pressure of the system can be fixed easily.
    • It is possible to set which parameters can be displayed on the
    • The acceleration and deceleration times of the pumps can be
    • It is password-protected against unauthorized persons.
    • It has the protection against frost with antifreeze feature.
    • Two pumps can be operated with a frequency inverter by
    using relay output.
  • Frequency inverters communicate with RS 458 cable
    between each other so six pumps can operate together with
    multi-pumps system option.
    • Proces control characterictic can be calibrated by changing
    PID parameters.
    • It can montaged directly on motor and it does not need any
    external control panel, necessary cabling is decreased so it has
    compact and portable design.
    • 0.75 - 18.5 kW powerrange
    • 380 V three phase input voltage
    • 50-60 Hz input frequency.
    • 0-600 Hz output frequency.
    •It has IP 65 high protection class.
    • It can be programmed easily.
    • It has two presssure transmitter inputs (analogue). If the
    transmitter fails it can step in with the other transmitter. The
    transmitters which can work with frequency inverter.
    •4-13 V operating voltage, 0-10 V output
    •10-30 V operating voltage, 4-20 mA output
    • It can provide 24 V for external devices.
    NOTE: Genio on-motor frequency invetors are protected by
    the circuit brraker inside the control panel and the system is
    protected by the EMC fiter from the electromagnetic waves
    which affect the sinius wavelength.