Monophase and Three-phase Pressure Booster Sets

MiniDAF booster sets, domestic water or facilities
prepared for pressurized water needs, silent running, fully automatic,
comfortable, package booster.
TankTanks are used in European safety standards (CE).
MembrThe membrane inside the tank conforms to German hygiene standards,
It does not smell in water and does not produce bacteria.
IhazThe device is equipped with a cable with a plug at the
with level switch (5 m cable) against waterless operation
are delivered.
Tahrik It can be driven by three-phase and single-phase motors.
IfElectric control panel in standard manufacturing for three-phase models
It is located. In single-phase models, electricity is optional.
control board can be added.
MaksimumMiniDAF series pressure booster maximum permissible pressure
8 bars. If the mains pressure connected to the installation is
high-pressure circuits, booster pressure line
the booster must be protected by installing a check valve on it.

Suction Flange 1" 1/4 - 1"
Discharge Flange 1" 1/4 - 1"
Speed 2900 rpm
Flow Range 1 – 10 m³ / h
Head Range 10 – 70 m
Max Fluid Temperature 40°C


• Drinking water supply
• Irrigation
• Process water supply