Heating Circulation Pumps

• MAS pumps with EKO Design MAS marking can save up to 80% electricity. The old pumps replacing MASʼs ModulA pumps meet their costs in a short time.
• MAS ModulA pumps are in the Best category, the highest category with an EEI of 170.17. It offers 80% or more energy and cost efficiency compared to conventional uncontrolled pumps of class D efficiency.
• With the Interface Module, your pump can be easily and optimally integrated into any building control system - for today's and future needs. The remote adapter has Wi-Fi and allows wireless communication between smartphones and the pump.
• User-friendly pumps have simple, clear control buttons and lightweight displays.
• Optimal operating modes (proportional working pressure (PP) control, constant working pressure control (CP), constant speed control (CS) control)) can be easily made from the control panel.
• The heating circulating pumps, the ModulA pump family, offer a suitable solution for almost all performance categories and applications.

• Wear-free, precision plain bearings ensure quiet operation and extend the service life of the pump.
• The winding resistance to high temperatures extends the service life of the pump and enables the pumping of high temperature fluids.
• Improved water intake ensures immediate lubrication of the bearings in the rotor chamber and small pumps do not require ventilation during commissioning.
• An automatic pressure control provides extra savings at variable flow rates.
• There is a power limitation that can be disabled or enabled.
• There is an automatic night mode that can be activated.