• In MultiDAF series booster sets, DF type pumps are used.
• DAF series pumps is a vertical axis, ring section design
multistage centrifugal pump of non-self priming type. They
have an impeller made of noryl material and they are driven
with a standard electric motor.
• Pump and motor are connected to each other via rigid
• The pressure-resistant casing and the components which fluid
is flowing through are anchored by using casing studs between
top side and bottom side of the pump.
• While suction nozzle is located bottom side of the pump,
discharge nozzle is located top side of the pump.
• When viewed from driver side, rotation of direction is clockwise

Flow Range 4x(2 – 60) m3/h
Head Range 20 - 150 m
Operating Pressure 16 Bar (Max.)
Working Temperature 0 – 60°C
Speed 2900 rpm

Single and Multi Pump Unit Boosters


For pumping of thin, clean, non-aggressive and non-explosive
liquids free from solid particles and fibres in:
• Water supply systems,
• Booster sets in high rise buildings and industry,
• Water treatment systems,
• Industrial facilities for process water,
• Sanitary and cleaning installations,
• Irrigation plants,
• Fire extinguishing plants