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Production at Masdaf


Established in 1977 in Istanbul based on the principle for ensuring effective use of water and energy, and thus the protection of vital resources, and founded with 100% domestic capital, Masdaf produces environmentally-friendly and innovative “fluid technologies” that provide energy efficiency. Quality has always been our first priority in our production processes. Mas Daf, the leading brand of the pump industry, manufactures end-suction pumps, inline pumps, hydrophores, expansion tanks, fire pumps, stage pumps, process pumps, submersible pumps, column pumps, self-priming pumps and gear pumps in the Düzce facilities built on an area of 40,000 m².


Hydrophore Assembly, Coupling and Test Line

  1. The hydrophore pumps are installed according to the work order given by the planning department. After the engine is installed, it is taken to the storage area for the hydrophore order.


  1. Hydrophore coupling unit performs pump, chassis, collector and panel coupling according to work orders from planning department. After the coupling is performed, the product is transferred to the test unit. In the hydrophore unit; there are collector, fasteners, panel mounting tables and shelves, hydrophore valve, check valve and panel seat stores. These warehouses are important for fast production.


  1. Tightness and Performance Testing; After the coupling process, all parameters and suitability of the panels used are tested. Personnel performing the test in accordance with the relevant instructions transfer the product to the “quality and packaging unit for final inspection.


  1. Final Inspection Area: The products that are tested in accordance with the standards enter the final inspection area and after the inspection and approval of the quality control unit, the packaging process is carried out and the product is drawn to the hydrophore stock area.


According to the logistics plan, the shipment is carried out at the appropriate time.


Welding Area:

In the welding unit; all welding processes required for the manufacture of pumps, pressure boilers and tanks are conducted. All our relevant personnel have ‘welder certificates’. Certificates are renewed periodically. The welding machines are double plus and are capable of making all kinds of welding. It is also the unit where the chassis used in the pump and hydrophore unit are manufactured.


Expansion Tank Manufacturing


Press shop

Tank production starts in the press shop. 7114-6112 quality sheets supplied from Ereğli Demir Çelik are cut to the surpluses in order to be prepared for press. It is used in the production of by-products such as sheet metal, manometer housing, which are separated in excess. All semi-finished parts used in tank manufacturing are made in this section. In the press room, production is made according to the weekly plans made by the planning unit. There are eccentric presses between 100-350 and hydraulic presses between 150-750 tons.

The molds required for pressing are made by the molding unit. Mold revision or new molds are designed by the expert team and processed on the CNC machines in the factory.

In tank welding unit with 3 automation machines, fast production is made in accordance with today's conditions and standards of quality. Tanks welded in automation machine are subjected to 100% tightness and pressure tests. Approved products are transferred to the powder paint unit.


Powder Paint Line

Oils remaining on the product are purified in powder paint line and iron phosphate is coated on it. In this way, the coated powder paint adheres better to the surface and the durability of the paint is prolonged. Epoxy polyester based Ral 3001 and Ral 5010 powder paint is applied on the product and cooked in a 185 degree oven. Products rejected by quality control are taken back to the process.


Tank Assembly Line

Membrane assembly of products from powder paint line is done. Imported membranes have hygiene certificate.


Tank Packaging

Membrane assembled products are taken to the stocks by proper packaging process. The tank unit works with stocks for fast delivery.



In the machining unit, there are 22 CNC machines (Horizontal lathe, Vertical lathe, Vertical machining, Horizontal machining). Bench track has a casting capacity of 160-180 tons per month. The quality control process works effectively in this unit as in all processes. Initial setting confirmations and then all checks are performed. Defective products are detected before they enter the warehouse and drawn to scrap or return areas.


Semi-Finished Product Storage Area

Semi-finished products work with warehouse addressing system. Quality control products are placed on shelves in accordance with the system. Product tracking is done through the system.


Pump Assembly– Coupling and Test Line

Work orders are prepared according to the orders transferred to the planning unit and the semi-finished products are transferred from the warehouse to the assembly. Systematically, each unit appears as a different repository. The products in the units are monitored through the system.

There are 3 mounting tables:

Table A   : Special series and large capacity pumps are installed.

Table B   : Standard pumps are assembled

Table C   : Gradual pump installation is done.

7 barcodes identifying the product are issued by the assembly unit until shipment. These barcodes are taken from each unit and processed on work forms. Barcodes contain information such as product name, product code, paint color.

The pumps coming from the semi-finished warehouse to the relevant assembly area are transferred to the “motor and chassis coupling” unit after they are collected. Here, after the coupling settings are completed and the coupling is completed, products are sent to the “pump test’ unit for performance testing. Pumps that pass the test process in accordance with the order are delivered to the wet paint unit. Pumps that cannot pass the test process are dismantled again and necessary improvement works are performed. All these operations are carried out in accordance with the relevant instructions within the framework of ISO 9001.


Wet Paint Unit

The pumps coming to the wet paint unit are painted to the color indicated in the order form and shipped to the logistics unit.



Coupling protection of the pump is made in the dispatch unit. Packaging is carried out with the user manual. The shipment process is done in standard boxes in the country and Euro boxes or in closed boxes.