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Management Systems Policy

As Masdaf A.Ş., which produces pumping technologies, our main goal is to produce quality and reliable products, to grow together with our employees and other stakeholders, to increase our profitability and efficiency and to become a world brand.

Within the framework of this mission we have adopted;

Within the framework of the integrated management system and ethical rules in accordance with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standard; To ensure customer satisfaction by producing pump technologies that meet the expectations of our customers,
To inform and raise awareness of our employees and all other stakeholders through training and communication channels,
Risk assessment of our products and processes in terms of environment, occupational safety and energy management systems; to carry out studies to eliminate or minimize the possible risks,
To prevent the external factors that will create pollution at its source, to carry out studies to reduce and reuse wastes,

In our processes, developing pump systems that prioritize energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption since the design stage of pumping technologies and increase energy efficiency by searching alternative sources,
We undertake to review our management systems regularly and to evaluate their effectiveness and to carry out the necessary studies in line with the sustainability principle for continuous improvement.
Masdaf Inc. em design, production, storage and shipment of end suction pumps, inline pumps, axial separable pumps, hydrophores, expansion tanks, fire pumps, multistage pumps, process pumps, submersible pumps, column pumps, self-priming pumps and gear pumps ümüz is committed to comply with our policy;

Complying with the legal regulations and fulfilling its obligations regarding our fields of activity
To provide customer satisfaction and conditions,
To provide high quality pump technologies,
To give the shortest delivery time on pump technologies,our processes; to present our products at the most appropriate value by managing them with approaches that adopt effective, efficient, innovative and sustainable development,
Being aware of the responsibility of being the leader in the pump sector, contributing to the company and thus to the national economy by continuously increasing our domestic and international market share through customer-oriented sales policies,
To value human beings and the environment, to use natural resources efficiently and to carry out activities to reduce environmental pollution, to implement the practices that reduce carbon emissions from our activities, to use natural resources efficiently and to carry out activities to reduce environmental pollution,
To make our employees aware of the requirements of our imiz Integrated Management System ve and to contribute to the development of the system,
To analyze the energy consumption in the “design, production, storage and transportation Pompa processes of pump technologies, to control them with the relevant monitoring and measurement systems and to develop projects for energy efficiency.