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Masdaf Pump Test Station

Masdaf, which has been producing innovative pump systems since 1977 with the principle of efficient use of water and energy and thus the protection of living resources, has been producing with the ”Pump Test Station kullanılarak renewed using the latest technology measuring devices and control systems, which will be completed in the last quarter of 2019; end suction pumps, inline pumps, axial separable pumps, fire pumps, multistage pumps, process pumps, submersible pumps, column pumps, self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps ...

EU ECO Designer regulations developed according the latest technologies pump systems, which are currently being renovated "pump testing station" to test the n measuring performance and in this context, RI & D efforts aim to give direction to Mas Dafa, so absent other pump manufacturers with this technology investment in Turkey also plans to serve.

Advantages of the renewed Mas Daf Test Pump Test Station “

Masdaf aims to ensure the safety of its guests, operators and all employees by controlling all the works that are performed manually and which are dangerous during the testing of water pumps through the automation system with the renewed “Pump Test Station”.

In the first phase, the pump test station, which is planned to commission a portion of 630 kw, is aimed to reach 2 megawatts of energy with medium voltage to be activated soon.

The flow capacity of the station has been increased by Ø800 mm lines and has a significant water volume below and below the elevation. NPSH tests of high capacity products, which is a problem for other pump companies, can also be done with level control.

Vibration and long-term resistance tests of pump technologies will be easily performed with monitoring systems without heating problems.

The length of the lines will ease the measurement systems and the accuracy of the testing of the water pump systems will increase.