Voyage Belek Golf & SPA
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Voyage Belek Golf & SPA
Voyage Belek Golf & SPA

“Masdaf” was preferred for the Pump and Booster Systems of Voyage Belek Golf & SPA Hotel listed in the Starway World Best Hotels.

Voyage Belek Golf & SPA Hotel was listed in the Starway World Best Hotels as a result of the “customer satisfaction surveys conducted by the tour operator operating in Russia Coral Travel with the participation of 198,795 people staying in 6,346 hotels.

Renovation of Voyage Belek Golf & SPA Hotel, which is among the 100 Top 100 Hotels, was completed on April 15, 2019. Masdaf brand was preferred for the pump and booster systems of the renovated hotel.

In the project, Masdaf Branded

  • Fire pumps with detachable body and double suction in compliance with NFPA 20,
  • Complete stainless steel frequency controlled booster sets,
  • Circulation pumps with frequency inverters, dry rotors and INM series,
  • Enduro series wastewater pumps were preferred.

Voyage Belek Golf & SPA Hotel will be protected with “fire pumps” produced by of Masdaf offering effective solutions in fire safety and approved by UL/FM having the highest quality standards in the world. Masdaf fire pumps will ensure the safety of buildings by providing timely response to the fire disaster that may occur during the life of the building.

The inverter system used in the pump and booster systems will provide communication between the pumps via RS 485 cable and 6 pumps can work together with the option of multiple pump system. Remote access to the system will also be provided with the Modbus feature. In addition, pressure, current, frequency, motor speed, output power, output voltage, set pressure values can be read instantly from the graphic LCD display on the inverter. With this feature that allows “real-time peer aging”  in multiple pump systems, the total operating hours of each pump can be displayed. 

The Masdaf brand is preferred in all pump groups of the hotel and will provide customers with the privilege of receiving one-stop post-sale service and maintenance.

Innovative pump and booster systems, commissioned by Masdaf will provide energy efficient use during the lifetime of a building, thus enabling energy-saving.