Warranty Conditions
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Warranty Conditions

1) The warranty period starts from the delivery date of the goods and is 1 years.

2) The warranty documents that are not stamped and signed by the seller / dealer by selling date are invalid.

3) All parts of the goods are under the guarantee of our company during the warranty period except for the errors and damages (scratches, breakage, rupture, etc.) caused by usage errors and usage contrary to the usage and maintenance instructions in the User Manual.

4) Parts that become obsolete, worn out and contaminated due to consumables and usage, and damage and malfunctions caused by the loss of these parts are not covered by the warranty.

5) In case of intervention by persons other than the Authorized Service, the whole product is not covered by the warranty.

6) Failures due to voltage drop or rise are not covered by the warranty.

7) In case the goods fail within the warranty period, the period spent in repair is added to the warranty period. The repair time of the goods is a maximum of 20 working days. This period starts from the date of notification to the service station of the malfunction related to the goods or to one of the seller, dealer, agent, representative, importer or manufacturer-manufacturer of the goods in the absence of the service station. The consumer's failure notification; telephone, fax, e-mail, registered mail or similar. However, in case of dispute, the responsibility of proof belongs to the consumer. If the malfunction is not resolved within 10 working days, the manufacturer-manufacturer or importer; until the repair of the goods is completed, another industrial property with similar characteristics shall be allocated to the use of the consumer.

8) Working days: national, official and religious holidays and New Year's Day, except May 1 and Sunday working days.

9) In the event that the goods fail within the warranty period due to both material and workmanship and assembly errors, the repair shall be made under no charge, under the cost of labor, replacement part cost or any other name.

10) Although the consumer's right to repair the goods;

a) Provided that these failures fail to benefit from the goods at least four times within one year, six times within the warranty period determined by the manufacturer-manufacturer and / or importer, provided that they remain within the warranty period from the date of delivery to the consumer,
b) Exceeding the maximum time required for repair,
c) In the event that the service station is not available, it can be determined by the report prepared by one of the seller, dealer, agent, representative, importer or manufacturer-manufacturer respectively that it is not possible to repair the malfunction, in case, the consumer may request free replacement of goods, reimbursement or price reduction.
d) The seller, dealer or agents are responsible for ensuring that the goods sold are approved and given to the consumer and that this obligation is fulfilled.
11) Invoices issued for the sold goods do not replace the guarantee certificate. However, the invoice issued as a result of the repair and replacement of parts at the service stations shall replace the warranty certificate provided that it contains the warranty conditions stipulated in this regulation.

12) The General Directorate of Protection of Consumers and Competition can be applied to the Ministry of Customs and Trade for problems that may arise in connection with the Warranty Certificate.